On this board you move with the motion -- as the board moves your body follows.  The shifts are quick and you can find a balance point, but you can also find steady rhythm and fluid movement, without touching the ground.  A versatile board for building strength and muscular control, opening the body and working on your balance -- both by yourself and with others!

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Rocker 24” Small -- $65

Rocker 30” Medium -- $85

Rocker 48” Partner -- $175

Finding the balance point exercises

Rocker 20” Half -- $45

The Rocker

Prices reflect fabric covered boards.

Bamboo and baltic birch tops also available as an upgrade.

All arcs & supports are poplar and/or oak & maple.

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BALANCE BOARDS                               BEAMS & BRIDGES                         BLOCKS in MOTION                   RHYTHM ROCKERS


Balance Through Motion

Balance Boards & Beams