Our standard balance boards come in three styles based on circles of different sizes.

Each style creates a unique feeling and level of challenge for your muscles, balance and focus.

Click on each board to learn more and to see many photos of people of all ages using them by themselves and together -- sitting, standing and laying down.

Within each style there are three to four different sizes and price points.

We also have smaller boards, and rocking pedals (one for each foot).

You can learn more about each of these boards by clicking on the photos below.

Our Balance Boards

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What are they for?

The different styles

Where are they used?

Our balance boards are used throughout homes -

in playrooms, home offices, living rooms (used while watching TV is a favorite), and even the kitchen (some people like to stand and rock on a low subtle one while doing dishes). They are used in daycares, preschools, and many different kinds of classrooms. They are used in work settings of all kinds - in break rooms, next to and under desks, and at standing desks. And they are used in a wide variety of therapeutic clinics, for adults and children.

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• Stretching & strengthening 

• Enhancing focus 

• Relaxation & rhythmic movement

• Cross lateral motion

• Cooperative partner work

• Getting out of your head and tuning into your body 

• Meditating in motion

• Activating & strengthening your core

• Releasing excess energy in a small space

• Practicing your balance

• Sensory integration and regulation

• Improving flexibility 

• Inviting play into any environment

AND pure, simple fun!

The Body Sense Motor Lab
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‘Focusing Minds through Motion’
Balance Boards in the Classroom

click on the photos

to learn more

BALANCE BOARDS                                BEAMS & BRIDGES                          BLOCKS in MOTION             RHYTHM ROCKERS

BALANCE BOARDS                               BEAMS & BRIDGES                         BLOCKS in MOTION                   RHYTHM ROCKERS


Balance Through Motion

Balance Boards & Beams